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Gulf Coast Grocery Delivery

Our expert packing department can prepare you groceries for the long haul. Prepared and iced for trucking and an offshore journey. When you need the freshest food delivered the the farthest gulf destination, Affiliated Marine is the food service company that delivers.

We don't just talk...we deliver. Our team is geared to adding a bit of home into the galley by providing the quality and selection our customers deserve. There may be other "food truckers" but nowhere else will you find a team so dedicated to your ultimate satisfaction. We deliver on what we say. We know you'll grow to realize, we're a cut above.

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Affiliated Marine Supply is Located Houma, LA. Centralized on the gulf coast we deliver from South Texas to the East Coast of Florida. Common delevery ports are: Alabama: Port of Mobile, Theodore, Orange Beach Florida: Ft Pierce, Tampa, Pensacola Louisiana: Port of Morgan City, Amelia, Port Forchon, Port of West St.Mary, Intracoastal City, Venice, Grand Isle, Dulac, Freshwater City, Cameron, Cocodrie, Port of Iberia, Grand Chenier, Johnsons Bayou, Creole Mississippi: Pascagoula Texas: Sabine, Port of Galvestion, Freeport, Port Isabel, Port Aransas, Port O'Connor, Baytown We can supply the smallest crew boat, to large deepwater work boats and rigs. We deliver groceries and supplies and we are a one stop marine supply distrubution. If you need it, we can get it. We are more than a warehouse and trucks. Located in Cannatas Family Market we have all the conviences of a full service supermarket. Fresh cut meat prepared to your exact description. Fresh bread and speciality items like King Cakes or our homemade italian sausage. Every galley needs the occasional pot, pan, and other kitchen items. Write in any item and we will find it and ship it with your order. Ordering hundreds or thousands of items to feed you crew can be a daunting task. Our software makes it simple. With our full service grocery store, meat department, speciality items,and warehouse, we have over 40,000 items. Don't spend time looking through items that you will never order. Customize your order form for only the items that you order most. Order on-line or on your vessel with our AMS Order Entry Software. Need the same items every week? Click the duplicate order button, adjust the order, and send it on its way. Saving you time and money.